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Sometimes in business, you just need to kick start something: a project that has stalled, or gone off the rails – or just failed to launch.

You know it could be good, it might even be critical, but it needs something to get it up to speed and restore people’s confidence.
 Our action plans usually deal with a specific problem or bottle-neck and they focus on blasting through it.

They’re short term, action based, hands on.
The process starts with your brief. Tell me what the problem is and what you want. I do my own research, both within your business and your market: drill down to see what the real core of the problem is.

Then I’ll come up with practical ways of resolving the issue. I’ll give you a written report with specific action steps. No theory, no waffle, just things you can do now.
The whole process can be a week or two.

If you’re not getting the action you want, get me, Gail White from Glide. 


Kick Start!

Check out the video (1:28)

Is something holding you back?  A problem that has everyone thinking in circles?  A structural issue? Perhaps some staff resistance – a little death by inertia?

Do you want to breathe fresh life into your organisation?

Try a kick start project: short, sharp and action oriented, our kick start projects are custom made to your goals and issues.

Their focus is to break through bottlenecks and get things moving.

You can buy just the plan, or a plan and implementation.