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Management essentials

Most of us come to management by accident; we didn't do a course in "how to manage".

In fact, management is a complex task requiring many different skills. Mostly though they can be divided into four categories:

  • Dealing with daily events (including crisis management)
  • Developing the business model (especially when it's not producing good results)
  • Creating and managing systems that get things done – and reduce the daily events you have to deal with (including people systems and information systems)
  • Leadership (including people motivation and charting the organisation's course)

If you're the boss, you need to do less dealing with daily events. eventually, none of it. To many small business people that sounds like a joke, but you get to that point by focusing more on the other three things; a working business model that can pay for people to run it and management systems that ensure things get done, even without you.

Then you can get down to the real fun and rewarding part of business: inventing your own future.

If you want a hand with the fundamentals of getting your business model working, building up some good systems and charting your future course, we can help.