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My Apps

NEW: We've separated our apps services into a separate website, www.humapps.com


We started making smart phone/pad apps because it was interesting, almost a business-hobby, but then we discovered that apps could be very powerful business tools.

First off, they were cool and attracted attention, a very desirable marketing outcome in i's own right, but now they can do serious work.

Apps enable efficiencies that are not possible any other way.

Now we have published some of our own apps and we have built apps for clients. We have built up a core of app code that's designed to work with a database, giving remote access and updates. Starting with the core code reduces development costs. For more on how it works see the  Data-vault screen or visit www.humapps.com

It's a simple concept, but it has very wide application. Apps we have built or are working on include a database of politicians (with contacts, Twitter feeds and so on), a guide to wildflowers, a calculator tool for conveyor belt engineering that is used on mine sites world-wide, a medical services resource, a tool for recording work done on site (with images, time and date stamp and geo coordinates) and a tool for tracking corporate procedures documents.

If your organisation uses data that needs to be accessed or gathered remotely, perhaps by many people, we could be the right app developer for you.