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NEW  We've separated our apps services into a separate website www.humapps.com where you'll find much more detail.


Glide's Data-vault is a proprietary software module that integrates with iOS apps to link native apps to an on-line database.

The advantages are:

• App owners can update app content direct to the Data-vault, via a web browser.

• App users can update their on-device data on the fly by automatically syncing to the Data-vault.

• Data is updated in small, quick parcels, rather than by downloading a complete new version of the app.

• Responsibility for content can be assigned directly to creators who can update their own content live, saving you work and improving accuracy.

If you'd like to know how a Data-vault enabled app get your work done quicker and better, or you'd like to licence Data-vault for use in your own app, contact Michael direct on 0417 928 904 or email michael@original.glide.co