The Working-on-your-business Toolbox

For owners and executives who want to change things 

© Michael Woodhouse

Something in your business isn’t working. Or you’ve got it working OK and you sense an opportunity to move from good to great.

Here are some of the tools you are going to need.

Often the differences between these tools are not well understood and terms are incorrectly interchanged, but – whatever they are called – each has a specific function in the journey of working on your business.

You won’t need all of these at once, thankfully (that would be a lot of working on your business!) but it is critical to choose the right tool where you are at right now. Click to go to each tool.


The key to the Working-on-your-business Toolbox

Every day thousands of people resolve to start working more on their business. And then the phone rings, or they get to the end of the day just too exhausted to think hard.

So here’s the key to opening the toolbox: working on your business takes time and real effort. Your first step must be to create that resource, either by moving out of some tasks or by working harder for a while (not the best option).

You can make this much easier for yourself by engaging a good consultant, which is very much like buying time, a rare opportunity in business.

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