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Public companies are legally bound to pursue profit first and foremost.

But for family businesses, it’s different.

For many people, the reasons for being in a family business include working with other family members, building an asset that can be passed on, creating career opportunities for their children as well as themselves and financial flexibility and security.

Sure, the family business needs to profit to continue, and your work should be rewarded, but once a reasonable profit level is reached, family values become more important.

It’s different values that make family business different, and define different issues.

Succession planning is a big one, along with managing relationships between children and their partners, including those who don’t want to be in the business.

A critical but often overlooked issue as a family business grows is the position and treatment of non-family employees. How are they affected by the privileged access of family members when it comes to promotions and career paths?

If you want an experienced hand improving the performance of a family business, consider Glide. We have two consultants who have both helped found and manage family businesses, who have held senior management positions in large companies and who have formal qualifications in psychology, as well as wide consulting experience. We’re not going to deal with your strictly family matters, but we do know how to resolve business issues.

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Family Business

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Family business is different. There are different dynamics, different issues. And different ways of doing things.

You probably won't get much out of a high price consultant who breezes in and out, leaving you with a report that might have been cut and paste from a textbook.

At Glide, we understand family business.

Both senior consultants have worked in family businesses and in big corporates – and chosen to focus on businesses were there is a more personal direction.

We know that anything really helpful will be developed hands on, specifically to suit your unique situation – and that your primary concern will be practical implementation.

We understand that your budget is limited and it has to produce results.

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