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Your biggest problem is there is only one of you. In some areas, you need someone to do the work for you. To drive things. To do what you want and need, with loyalty to you and your goals.

We’re good at getting projects done. Tough projects, management projects, change projects, new direction projects, engagement projects. Give us your vision, set the goals and we’ll deliver. Full credit and benefits to you, mere money to us.

As consultants, we’re not going to get drawn into office politics, start our own agendas or become someone who just fills a position and grows an overhead.

And because you and the business are not actually the same thing, think about personal consulting, where our loyalty is to you personally and the best interest we serve is yours – including those delicate situations where it may not exactly coincide with what the organisation wants.

Of course, I’m not really going to pass as a mini-you, but I can extend your reach and your impact.

I’m Gail White from Glide. Call me direct on 0417 913 302 or email, that’s dot co for company.



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Leadership is about giving direction, motivating, even inspiring.

Mostly, what you want to achieve is change: changes in the ways things are done, in attitudes and in possibilities.

You know what you want to achieve, but you also know you haven't got time to do it all.

Sometimes, you need someone on your side, to act on your behalf, without their own agenda.

We can do that. We know management. We know change. And we can extend your reach, so you get there faster.

Call when you want a hand.