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In the modern world, anyone who thinks a Not For Profit organisation can bumble along and yet achieve worth-while results is just wrong.

Whether it’s a charity or a professional body, the idea that they can absorb inefficiency because they don't have to make profits is especially false: they do have to earn income over and above their costs, but they invest this in the causes or people they serve.

So even a small Not For Profit has as much need of effective management and audience engagement as the most profit-driven company.

As companies grow they recognize the value in using consultants to help analyse, plan and continually focus their operations.

Not For Profits need the same outcomes, but for them the tools are a little different and they must be applied with a different sensibility.

They have some unique tasks, like growing membership, volunteers and donations.

They also need a lower cost structure.

Since it was founded in 1999, about 30% of Glide’s work has been with Not For Profits.

We are well experienced with NFPs, we know how to work effectively with them, to make a real contribution, and we can be accommodating on charges.

So, if you’d like to talk with a consultant with extensive business and Not For Profit experience, who will really value you and what you are doing, call me, Gail White, on 041 791 3302 or email me (that’s Co for company).


NFP Excellence

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Working for NFPs – both professional bodies and charities – can really get our blood pumping.

Why? For a start, NFPs are often much more complex, with more challenging issues. They are more concerned with issues and ideas.

And, while NFPs have long played vital roles in meeting society's welfare and recreational needs, we believe there is now an open opportunity for a major shift in the way many NFPs operate, that can see them more engaged with businesses, more like businesses in some cases (including not-for-profit companies that blend both models) and moving into new, better funding models that include mutual contracts with businesses, for-profit activities, crowd funding, expanded on-line support communities and a return to reliance on volunteers that draws on the increasing pool of skilled retirees and semi-retirees.

The value of NFPs to business and to society is vastly under-estimated and commonly totally misjudged, including – even especially – by NFP management.

NFPs have the power to help build strong brands. They can deliver:

 • high value social media content,

 • unique stories and images,

 • compelling emotional associations and

 • brand value positives that businesses can rarely achieve alone.

Unfortunately, many charities don't put their own best case and they sell themselves short.

As well as charity-focused NFPs there is a crying need in many areas for effective professional bodies. Professional bodies have real power to shape the sector they represent – and to shape government responses to it – but they need a strongly pro-active strategy that puts them in control of industry direction.

Overall, we see that NFPs are a hot zone for change and we intend to stay involved.

Call for a discussion. We'll try to keep it brief, but no promises.