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If you want more people to pay more attention to what you’re doing, then dollar for dollar nothing – nothing – beats a web video.

In the next two minutes I’m going to tell you five powerful things you can do with a web video, then I’m going to make you a really great offer.

While I’m doing this, ask yourself, why aren’t I doing this with my customers? That’s what this video is really about, showing how you can.

Five things.

The first one is that adding video is the fastest way to increase your website traffic and the time people spend on your website. Plus you can put it on YouTube and draw more traffic. For a better return on your website investment, add video and stir.

Second, video is the fastest ice-breaking introduction there is.  You can actually show people who you are and what you do, and move them from not knowing you to comfortable about doing business with you, in record time.

Third, nothing sells a product better than showing it. Short product videos, from unpacking the product to using it, create buyer confidence and reduce post-sale problems. They are so cheap you can add lots of them to your website and, here’s a tip, Google loves them.

Fourth, the biggest problem facing many small businesses is attracting good staff. So if you want to stand out and look like a progressive place to work, add a workplace video to your employment promotions.

Finally, training. You can have your own very specific, targeted, hands-on training videos that people can call up when they need them and study at their own pace. A powerful way to pass your corporate culture on to new staff too.

So, costs. Think of 1 or 2  minute, single-scene web videos. We can make you two for under a $1,000.If you batch it can be even less. Of course conditions apply.

To get me off your screen – and put yourself here instead – call me Michael Woodhouse from Glide. Call me direct on 0417 928 904 or email, that’s dot co for company.



Check out the video (2:13)

For grabbing attention, video beats reading, hands down. That’s why you can’t read with the TV on.

Nothing communicates emotion faster than images. And watching is just so much less demanding than reading.

If you think your audience has a short attention span and they won't read anything more than a sentence, a video is what you need.

Usually the single most powerful thing you can do to get a website going is add a video to the home page.

You can replace your text-based newsletter with a video newsletter to dramatically increase readership.

Upgrade your emails with a “one minute explainer” – a video you can email, that gives a traditional “elevator speech” with added visual impact. In one minute, your contact can “get” what you do and be inspired by it.

  • If you need to communicate fast with people who aren’t going to start out paying much attention, consider video.

  • Glide is experienced at developing and scripting video concepts. We can produce web-videos at surprisingly low cost. Talk to us about your goals and we’ll show you how video can help.