What we do

Glide began with the idea that we have clients and we do what they need, rather than having specific products or services that we try to sell to them.

Over a decade and a half this has seen us taking on a very wide range of tasks, that you can check out in the Services menu on the left. These are all services we have actually delivered, not wannabes. Some of them are "starter" or trial level services, enabling a low-cost test, where we refer successes on to specialist providers. Others have become core services for us. As a list, it's huge and not very coherent – but seen through the eyes of client who used them, all of the services have been important to someone as a direct response to their needs. That's the perspective we like.

We still find it hard to answer the question, What do you do?

Where we add most value, we think, is in analysing organisations and helping them develop strategies and plans to get them where they want to go, including teasing out the problems and finding out what needs to be known.

We spend a lot of time talking with people, a lot of time writing.

On request, we get involved hands-on in the actions we have recommended, especially promotional actions like websites, print promotions, enewsletters and advertising.

Call us if you think we can help, and we'll be happy to spend the time talking about you – and letting your requirements define the answer to the question, What do you do?