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Videos, webinars and training

The web was invented for learning. The focus on selling things online distracted attention from web's role in sharing information, but the cycle is swinging back.

On-line webinars are most often used as a "soft" sales tool and they are good for that, but they can also be used for all the reasons you perhaps used to, or at least wished you could afford to, run physical seminars.  To bring people together to share and learn.

Webinars and also videos can also be used for staff training. Once you've got them right, they can be run over and over and they can be on demand: people can log in when they need them, refer back and skip just to the section they want.

On-line, your organisation can develop its own customised training that is specific, comprehensive, detailed, accessible and repeatable.

If you want, you can still test, assess, grade and issue qualifications, all of it on line. Task-specific training can be a very powerful way to move your organisation forward; once it was only the province of big companies, now you can afford it.

Talk with Glide to plan out and create your own multi-media training program.